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Why Us?

Solar is the Solution
It's time to harness the world's virtually inexhaustible supply of solar energy and start building a brighter future. Solar is a promising source of future energy supplies because not only is it clean, it's remarkably abundant.

Pentamas is revolutionizing the delivery of solar energy to homes and businesses . We are a group professionals having many years of experience in this field. Our aim is to create a cleaner and better world by reducing your utility bill. We will work with you to establish this goal and let us join hands together for a better world for our generations.

What you can do?

  • if you already own a house

you can chose from the follwing
-- 250 watt tiny unit to meet your emergency needs and save on electricity bill.
-- 500 watt standard unit which can power almost all of your fans and lights and save about 100 units of     electricity per month.
-- 1000 watt full system which can take care of almost the entire needs of a normal house except heavy     power loads.
-- 3000 watt can take care of almost all your needs.

  • if you are looking for a new house

Get in touch with us. we can jointly design an appropriate solar power unit for your house.

  • if you are a builder

Partner with us to offer solar powered villas.

  • if you are a trader

Contact us for distributorship.

  • if you are an eco activist

Join hands to create awareness.


let us join hands together for a better world for generations.

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